Infinity Games: Play the game!

Jerry Spanakis, Universiteit Maastricht and Marie Van Vollenhoven, artist
Zwanenzaal (1e verdieping), 15.10 - 15.30 uur

IBM Watson won Jeopardy. Facebook recognizes your face. Computers generate novel artistic creations. Artificial Intelligence is highly topical, but its potential is not known by the broader public. Have you ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence works? If computers can make art? At Infinity Games, we do and we would like to show you via our joint scientific/artistic presentation. Infinity Games ( involves scientific research, performance and education. Learn how artists experience harmony and what it stands for and learn how scientists aim to reveal the logic behind art by feeding the computer thousands of compositions.

Jerry Spanakis
Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, Universiteit Maastricht